Major Boiler Repair

At Brennick Brothers our goal is to do what it takes to make your major outage a success, and we have the full capability to handle all of your ASME Pressure Part work and all of your mechanical work during your major outages. Brennick Brothers Inc. has the knowledge, supervision, manpower, tools, and equipment necessary to help you complete any project in order to make your major boiler shutdowns successful. Boiler repair includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacement of cast iron sections on hot water boilers
  • Refractory repairs and renewals
  • Overhaul, repair or renewal of boiler mountings and fittings
  • Servicing and repair of oil and gas burners
  • Combustion analysis testing
  • Preparation of pressure vessels for insurance inspection including ultra sonic testing
  • Chemical descaling of boilers and calorifiers
  • Smoke vents cleaned and replaced as required
  • Retubes


Brennick Brothers Inc. has extensive experience and knowledge of piping components and systems. These components have been certified, qualified, installed, tested, and accepted per code requirements in accordance to and in compliance with the ASME Power Piping Codes. Fabrication, assembly, and installation consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Steam Piping
  • Blow Down Piping
  • Feed Water Piping
  • Water Piping
  • Drain Line Piping
  • Safety Valve Vent Piping
  • Oil Supply Piping
  • Natural Gas Piping

Turn Key Projects

Brennick Brothers Inc. can handle your turn key project from start to finish, from installing commercial boilers to putting the entire system into operation. It can include contractual actions, at least through the system, subsystem, or equipment installation phase, and may include follow-on contractual actions, such as testing, training, logistical, and operational support.

Service Contracts

A Brennick Brothers Inc. service contract is a year-long service contract in which a Brennick Brothers technician comes out to your property quarterly to inspect all relevant boiler equipment to make sure it is running properly and as efficiently as possible. The goal of the service contract is to prevent larger problems from becoming issues at all – to catch any issues before they become costly problems, and before you and your customers are stuck without hot water.

A Brennick Brothers Service Contract Covers:

  • Inspection of wiring and connections
  • Inspection of ignition controls
  • Inspection of burner operation
  • Inspection of flue draft
  • Inspection of safety controls
  • Inspection of contractors and relays
  • Inspection of fan blowers and belts
  • Inspection of operating pressures & temperatures
  • Provide recommendations

Combustion Analysis Testing

To secure safe and efficient operation of your boiler, it is common to perform combustion analysis testing on a periodic basis. Specifically, testing will look for:

  • carbon dioxide
  • smoke
  • excess air (O2/CO2)
  • stack temperature
  • draft
  • NOx

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that can be extremely toxic to humans and animals. It can be formed anywhere where there is a poorly ventilated heating implement – basically, carbon monoxide forms when there is not enough oxygen present for certain carbon containing fuels to burn completely. Unfortunately, the most common sources of carbon monoxide are furnaces and heaters (oil, coal and gas), water heaters, stoves and car exhaust – all essential parts of most business today.
The technicians at Brennick Brothers Inc. know your heaters inside and out and have been professionally trained for carbon monoxide testing. We know how to test for carbon monoxide leakage and how to assess risk factors for potential leaks. A great time to have your boilers tested for carbon monoxide risks is during your quarterly boiler service.